Scalp Massage and Red Light Therapy

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I have a new client who is currently providing Scalp massage and Red Light Laser services to Dermatology patients as a referral.
The services are Scalp massage, Medicated Shampoos and Red Light Therapy for Hair follicles.
The Patents have Diagnosis, Alopecia, Cancer, Burns & Scars, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease and Lupus.

My question is about the code, the owner has been billing 99215 which my coder says is incorrect.
My coder states this is only for Medical doctors.
Previously the owner billed 97124 Massage therapy which could be the right code but note the staff performing the service are Nurse practitioners and cosmetologist.
The staff receives a request from the Dermatologist and a report is provided so could this be billed as a consult.

If anyone has any experience in this area please respond with the code you utilize