Wiki School Project Assistance needed! Guidelines of ICD-10 Ch 12!!

Muldrow, OK
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Hello Fellow Coders! Below you will read a request from one of my students from the Medical Insurance Billing and Coding program at Vista College:

"To Whom it May Concern:
I would like to connect to a coder who is proficient in the use of L codes so that I might be better equipped to complete my guidelines presentation. These are the questions that I need some help with:
  •  How does fraud play into codes within the chapter?
  •  What are the most common mistakes made using the guidelines of your chapter?
  •  How many billable codes are within your chapter?
  •  What are the most uncommon code(s) in your chapter?
  •  What are the most used code(s) inside your chapter?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! "