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When the doctor puts a diagnosis such as abdominal pain and also screening on indications of colonoscopy can the colonoscopy be billed with both diagnoses and bill as a screening?
I am getting feedback from this as well.

My problem is my doc is using several diagnostic symptoms AND the screening. When he does this I use the symptoms and then they are calling me stating that it was a screening. I tell them that symptoms over rule screening. That he needs to start documenting differently. Am I correct in stating this and coding it this way? Would love to have something in black and white to show them if I am correct.:p Have looked in several coding clinics and can't quite find what I am looking for. Any help would be appreicated!!
I guess if any one has an answer for this I would appreciate it.
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You can go to pretty much any payors site and get their guidelines for screening colonoscopy including CMS Medicare. They pretty much all say the same thing which is "patient must be asymptomatic", free of symptoms.