Question screening vs surveillance colonoscopy


edwardsville, IL
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I always question myself. I know when its a screening I use g0121 or g0105 but if its a
surveillance colonoscopy high risk colon cancer do I use g0105 if its Medicare or are the G codes only for when its specifically says a screening
G0121 = Z12.11 - Screening every 10 years, or initial average risk
G0151 = Personal history of codes, high risk - I think surveillance falls under this because there is no mention of signs or symptoms so it's still a screening, just at an accelerated time frame.
We have Noridian Medicare in WA state.
For commercial plans you have to check with them as to whether they accept the G codes.
Surveillance is just another word used for Screening, it's what the physician uses after that, which determines high or average risk for the correct dx code.

The actual CPT codes don't come into play until after the completed procedure. In Missouri, G-codes are used, if the nothing is found during the procedure, for Medicare & Medicare supplements or Commercial payors with approval for G-codes. G0121-no history, G0105-with history