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Bonnie Owen

Wichita, KS
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I have reviewed previous Scribes questions in the Forum and have looked at purchasing "Ask an Expert" or an audit. I thought I would try here in the beginning to see if my question can be answered. I have researched requirements for Scribes but not finding what I need to know. My doctor was in a pinch for a weekend on call and used a previously employed ARPN with our group. Her documentation states, "This note was prepared by myself acting as a medical scribe for Dr. So and So." She does not identify herself her but signs the progress note at the end with the Dr.'s signature. The Dr. states our usual templated Physician Attestation, "I have personally seen and examined the patient,reviewed, and updated the mid-level documentation as needed, agree with documentation,medical decision making and treatment plan as outlined. I personally performed the component marked below in its entirety in order to provide the substantive portion of the care for this patient" Medical Decision Making." My question is for compliance-can this note be amended for the Scribe to state who she is by her statement and the Dr. to amend his Physician Attestation Statement to say he did the complete service and used the Scribe naming her or would this be considered altering for payment instead of amending for clarification?