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I'm taking my CPC Certification at the end of the month (Oct 31st) and I'm using the CPC Study Guide CD. I keep coming across questions that state "Code the service only." Specifically what does this mean? I recently moved and my books are still packed and I finished my classes in April, so I can't remember.

Also, any helpful hints for the Certification? I have no medical experience and some of the posts are very discouraging to me with people who have a background in the medical field and still having trouble with the exam.

"Code the service only" means that you do not have to figure out the diagnosis code, only the procedure code. The multiple choice answers should not have any ICD-9 codes in them, only CPT and HCPCS codes.

Good luck on your exam!:D
Thank you!! That's what I've been doing. I think that I'm just thinking about it too hard and getting myself all confused!!! I appreicate it :-D
Don't think too hard. The test is very much like the study guide...

I agree! Just take your time (but not too much I found that there was enough time for me to complete the test by doing the easier ones first and then going back to the tougher ones. BE SURE to keep track of your answer key, though, if you're going to do that as every blank answer counts as a wrong answer. Also, watch the wording of the questions very closely. They do like to try and confuse you with the wording. I always get very stressed taking tests and somehow I remained really calm for this one and it really did help me to do well. Just remember that you can always take it again so no pressure and maybe that will help you relax a little. Good luck! I'm sure you will do fine:)