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HI need your assistance...
Shave Biopsy, each lesion coded separately? So if they are same atomically site each still coded separately such as
Right Dorsal forearm 0.6x0.5x0.1 = 1.2 cm == 11302
Left Dorsal forearm 1.2x0.7x0.1 = 2.0 cm == 11302 59

Left Nose Tip 0.2x0.1x0.1 cm = 0.4 cm == 11310
Left Nose Tip 0.3x0.1x0.1 cm = 0.5 cm 11310 59
Thank you.. appreciated
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Were these shave removals or biopsies. A removal of a lesion and a biopsy are two different things.
the biopsy would be coded as
11101 X 3
If these were removal of the entire lesion by shave techniques gen the codes you chose are correct.
Thank you for your respond.
Path report indicates "Shave Biopsy"
Clinic note " Biopsy performed using 15" blade ...
so that's why I lean towards codes selected.
Thanks you
Yes, these are biopsies via shave technique. I biopsy is when a portion or sample has been taken. Shave removal is when the lesion has been removed. Shave removal is not a full-thickness excision (i.e., down to the fat).

There is a difference.

Based on the note you privded, Mitchellde is correct code these as 11100, 11101x3.