Wiki Shipping DME/Med to patient home, what documentation need to have to bill insurance


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Hello, what documentation would be necessary to have in a patient file, if you ship the equipment/supply to their home through a delivery provider? For example, for a DME Supply item patient needs a refill of the equipment/supply item, and would like to be drop shipped to their home directly. Is it a tracking number from the delivery provider sufficient? Would a Delivery ticket with the supply items signed electronic, by the patient be sufficient to be compliant to bill insurance? Would tracking number from the delivery provider have to be on the signed Delivery Ticket? Any information or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I would like to share some input from my point of view. We have to submit both the letter of medical necessity (Physician order) for the supplied DME and delivery ticket to the member. The reason behind this, LMN support necessity of the DME and the delivery ticket support the proof of the supplied item.

Waiting for others inputs too.
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