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Shoulder Arthroscopy HELP!!!


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I've been asked to review an op report for a shoulder sx that had 2 lines denied for "no supporting documentation". I reviewed the op report in detail and I think I'm overanalyzing...this is for a work comp claim.
"the undersurface of the rotator cuff and biceps hiatus was debrided with a 4.5 shaver without teeth (I coded this 29822; limited debridement)"
..."a complete bursectomy was performed including anterior and posterior gutters in the sub[deltoid space. (I used 29821: synovectomy b/c the subdeltoid is in a different area than the subacromial space)
"...coracoacromial ligament was released and the undersurface of the the acromion was cleared off the periosteum. 29826; decompression of subacromial space.

I know that a bursectomy is included with the decompression of subacromial space, but he in the second discription, he states he did a bursectomy in the subdeltoid space. I don't see a code for an arthroscopic bursectomy, so is it ok to use synovectomy even tho they are two different things? Or should I go unlisted? Any suggestions to the codes?
Any help is greatly appreciated!!! :D


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From information that I have found the Subacromial and Subdeltoid bursa are connected. I would code 29822, +29826.