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Please verify my selections: 29824, 29823, 29825, 29820, 29826. I am not too sure.

Operation: An anterior portal was created. The joint was decompressed with the shaver. Synovectomy was done. Then the soft tissue and articular structures were examined and probed. Anterior capsular the adhesions were released and the degenerative labral tear was debrided with the full-radius resector and ArthroCare including the biceps tendon origin. No repair needed. The arthroscope was placed in the subacromial space. The lateral portal was created and arthroscopic shaver was placed. Subtotal bursectomy was carried out with lysis of adhesions. Removal of soft tissue from the underside of the acromion and distal clavicle was carried out. The acromioplasty was then done. Then, through the anterior portal, the medial edge of the acromion was trimmed and then the Mumford procedure was carried out by resecting about 1 bur width of the outer end of the distal clavicle.