Signed Documentation and Filing Insurance


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Hi All,

Just a quick question. I have a provider that is sporadic with the documentation signing. Eventually, the provider does get all their notes signed, but not always in chronological order. So, my question is, could I go ahead and bill insurance for a procedure done on 8/29/16 (since the notes are signed) then bill the procedure for 8/20/16 later when the notes are signed? Just wondering if it's ok to bill insurance out of chronological order. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks so much!

It's not a compliance issue to bill out of order, but it may cause your billing office some headaches. For example, if you bill a visit that's in the global period first and then bill the surgery later, the payer may pay incorrectly and need to recoup their previous payment, or you might have to go back and fix a missing modifier. I've found that the downstream billing headaches are the biggest reason for wanting to keep the claims submission in chronological order.
Thank you so much, Thomas! I appreciate your input. I do all the billing and such, so more work for me! Haha!