Silver nitrate applied to labial fissure


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Pt is seen for vaginitis. In addition, on exam of external genitalia: External genitalia mildly red, superficial 2 cm fissure above clitoris.

A/P: Vaginitis with labial fissure.
Rx given.
Silver nitrate applied to labial fissure. Reviewed good peri care. Warm soaks twice daily until healed.

I'm wondering if the silver nitrate is separately billable or part of E/M? If billable, what CPT fits? 17250 is for granulation tissue, but none described here. Some research led to 12001 repair code, but CPT states for "wound closure utilizing sutures, staples, or tissue adhesives..." It goes on to state that simple repair is for superficial wounds, one-layer closure, and includes local anesthesia and chemical cauterization. Not sure this fits.

I'm leaning toward just the E/M, and will also code the labial fissure as N90.89, Other specified noninflammatory disorders of vulva and perineum -- Agree?

Thanks in advance!