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One of my providers was performing a well woman exam and she treated a cervical polyp with silver nitrate. I am wondering what cpt code could be used to bill this. The closet think I can find is 57510 "Cautery of cervix; electro or thermal". Would this be appropriate?
57510 not appropriate

57510 specifies "electro or thermal". Silver nitrate is a chemical reaction. I could not find anything in the cervix section that would apply here. My personal opinion is that if it was a quick 30 second procedure, I would just include it in the office visit. If the provider feels it was a significant separate procedure, I would use unlisted and value it as a little higher than 57061 (which would be the code if it was vaginal). Maybe 140% of 57061.
FYI - if it was not a polyp, but granulation tissue (such as postop), then 17250 would be appropriate.