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Under local sedation, my surgeon explored a sinus tract only to find that it communicated with the hip joint so he decided to refer her back to her orthopedic surgeon as she is status post prosthetic hip. I can't find a CPT code for the exploration. Help :confused:
From what I can find it looks like a 31231 would be the code to use since it was a straight exploration and he did not remove anything
For exploration you can sometimes get away with as musculoskeletal tumor/mass code with a -52 but in this case it won't work since Dr knows it's a sinus tract from the get go. Unfortunately, I'd suggest 27299 depending on the what was done(opening it up and "digging" around). Might just be an part of the E/M if he just pocked around.

31231 won't work as it's not through a scope (or at least not mentioned) and not the correct anatomical site. If the dr did use a scope, you wouldn't bill for the type of scope used but rather the site he used the scope on. Still an unlisted if a scope was used, 27299.