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I've been a biller/coder for several years now and most of the coding I've done is random edits on the billing side. I want to get deeper into coding and perhaps move to the coding side of my company, we are a multispecialty and surgery so anything is possible.
I'm wondering if I should specialize and what should I concentrate on? How can I decide?

Thanks for your comments!
From my experience, some specialties are more stressful than others when it comes to coding. Sometimes it's not the specialty but the physician. Spinal surgery, heart surgery, can be tough. Honestly just think, which one do you feel most comfortable about and don't think it would stress you out as much. General surgery is not so bad. Appendectomies, gall bladder removals and hernia repairs. Those aren't so tough and are easy to learn.

Just my two cents, I wish you the best of luck in your advancement!