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Ok. I'm studying the AAPC Official CPC Certification Study Guide. On pg. 150 Question 4 It says

The patient is a 69 yr. old female w/ 10 yr. status post dual chamber pacemaker where the generator is at its end of life. The pacemaker generator explanted and the leads are then attached to the new generator. Whats the cpt code?

A. 33213
B. 33208
C. 33213, 33233
D. 33228

My answer was A. But the book says D. it really didn't have a helpful rational to explain the reason for the answer. I'm confused. code 33228 is out of numerical sequence and its telling me to see-33202-33249.
This may not explain it enough. I havent gotten to that question but if you go back before 33613 it talks about temporary pacemaker.

Then 33228 ( if you look at 33227 it is the replacement which is what they describe not a temporary one). 33228 is for dual leads.
LOL!!! Thanks I found it. Reading Carefully is very important or you will skip the correct code!! In my book the code is in a chart not in the actual order of codes if that make a little sense.... I'm glad I found it and I'm more happy you took time to respond to my post Thanks!!