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Woud a pain management physician and an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon be considered two different specialties in the same practice? We have patients who see both of these doctors on the same day. Can we bill two e/m services?

Thank you!
I determine this by checking the Medicare specialties list on their website. Pain Management and Orthopedics are two different specialties so without any other information about the specifics of these visits, I would say you can bill two E/M services.
yes, you can, but...

1. check with your Credentialing staff to verify that the providers are enrolled in Medicare with those specialty codes (20 - Orthopedic Surgery, 72 - Pain Management) or credentialed as those specialists with commercial carriers, and
2. be prepared for possible denials if you bill under the same tax ID. Have your providers create separate and complete documentation for the two visits to support each code they bill.
We have a similar situation and do have success after correcting some credentialing issues.