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Has anyone out there taken a specialty certification test? I am going to take one on Sunday, August 5 and would like some idea of what to expect on the test. Is it broken down into sections like the CPC exam? Is it hard to get through in the 5 hours alloted?

Thanks for any feedback!!!!
I have taken the OBGYB and the General Surgery Speciality tests. Which one are you taking? They usually take the full 5 hours. It is not split up into sections, you have to get a 75% or better on the whole test. I took mine through Ingenix so I am not sure how much it differs through the AAPC site.
Good Luck and take your time.
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I took the E/M specialty exam in October. It did not take the full 5 hours - I had time to go back over all of my questions. Seems like it was in sections of some kind, but I cannot recall how it was broken down. All I know is that I passed! :D
I just took the general surgery test. We were given 5 1/2 hrs to complete and I was finished in 4 1/2 hrs. (of course, I double-checked my answers during the remaining hour) I haven't received my results yet--so only time will tell. I had the feeling that I was doing okay with it. There were a few questions that I struggled with, but they were for procedures that I don't have a lot of experience with. All in all, I didn't feel bad when I left. Good luck to you.