Wiki Splint Redo with Fx Care?


Chillicothe, Texas
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Hi All,

Can somebody give me some clarification on whether we can charge separately for the splint application on this patient?

The patient is a xx year old right hand dominant male who injured his right hand on xx/xx/12 when he was playing basketball and fell.

He was seen in the ER where he was diagnosed with a fracture and he comes in for follow-up complaining of the splint being uncomfortable.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: On exam, the patient is in AP splints with the MP joints of the right hand at 90 degrees of flexion. The splints were removed and he is tender at the fifth metacarpal neck. There is no rotational deformity when he tries to flex the small finger.

RADIOGRAPHS: Radiographs were reviewed and show he has a fifth metacarpal neck/head fracture that is in acceptable position on the radiographs.

PLAN: He was placed in a new well molded ulnar gutter cast.

We will see him in three weeks for follow-up and films out of plaster.

The codes selected for this are 99203, 26600, 29125. I appreciate any suggestions!
If you are charging fracture care, you cannot charge for the cast/splint. However, on
subsequent visits with a change of cast/splint, then you can charge.

You can charge for casting supplies on the same day as fracture care ( fiberglassing, etc)