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Cooperstown, NY
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I am familiar with split shared visits but have come across a new scenario.
Typical split shared visits I have seen in the inpatient setting is the NP sees the patient in the morning and then later in the day the MD rounds and sees the patient. So both having a face to face. They both write a note and you bill under the MD if they are showing what they are contributing to the mdm. Example change in plan of care.

New scenario; The NP and MD are seeing the patient face to face at the same time. They are "collaborating together". The NP is writing the main note (hx,exam,mdm) even tho they are both performing these elements. The MD writes a blurb similar to a attending note with residents stating they saw the patient with NP and agree with medical decision making, plan of care and hightlight the assessment and plan which is the same as what the NP documented.

Can someone help me understand who to bill this out under as in this case they seem even but the NP is writing the main note.....

Has anyone else seen this?