splitting tests by .26 & TC


Phoenix, AZ
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please let me know if i am wrong on this. the drs i work for do alot of nuke stress tests & echos, etc. they want the tests to be split between the prof. & tech. we own the equipment, everything is billed under the same tax#. but they need the reads separate because they split the revenue on the reads but only when the insurance pays. their medical atty. said this was legal. but if it's the same tax id#, same dr on the claim, i don't think so. they also want the tech on one day & the read the next day. the one dr doesn't read his stress tests, he just supervises & another dr. in the practice reads it. so those have to be split. it's all confusing & i know i read somewhere this can not be done. same tax id#, same practice.
please help! i need another opinion & something in writing.
We bill both globally and separate the professional from technical when need be. We own our equipment. I don't see a reason as to why this could not be done. You are not doing anything fradulant. You are not getting extra money for doing it this way, either.