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Port Saint Lucie, FL
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A friend of mine that owns a Physical Therapy Practice asked me a question today. He is trying to get a handle of his AR and may think he needs to add additional Staff.

He has 9 Full Time Physical Therapists, 5 Locations and sees about 110-130 patients company wide per day.

Is (1) Biller enough?????

System has charge passing, Biller would send claims work ar/ collections.

Thanks for any feedback.
Medical billing is sometimes thought of as an expense and offices try to minimize it as much as possible but that minimizes your revenue. You said system has charge posting, does that mean you will count on the PT's to code the claims? Even so, they will need education and you will need someone to scrub them. I recommend at least one certified coder,a payment poster and an insurance follow-up person to start. More may need to be added when you get a true picture of the workload. If you are taking patient phone calls regarding statements, that will have to be factored in as well. I hope this helps.