Still can't figure out CPT coding for Emergency Room

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Hello, I almost don't know how to stage my question so I will put some head scratching scenarios so maybe someone can explain why it is coded this way. This example is from a Emergency Room Report. I am only including a portion that I am confused about..."LABS, X-RAYS, AND EKG
EKG: EKG time (1256). Normal sinus rhythm. Rate: 77. Normal P waves. Normal PRI. LVH. Non-specific ST segment / T wave abnormalities. T wave inversion in lead III and aVF. The study has been independently viewed by me. The study has been interpreted contemporaneously by me. Artifact present.
Chest X-ray: (IMPRESSION: Changes of emphysema, no acute abnormality). The X-rays were independently viewed by me and interpreted contemporaneously by me. The X-rays were interpreted by the radiologist (Jones).
CT Head: (CONCLUSION: No acute intracranial abnormality.).
Laboratory Tests: 0416:YJ:C00203S: (COLL: 01/01/20XX 13:04) ( MsgRcvd 01/01/20XX 13:55) Final results"...The answer to the Practicode problem was an E/M of 99285 and it also included a CPT code 93010 for the ELECTROCARDIOGRAM REPORT. My question is how do I know going off this report when to code a EKG and when to code a Chest Xray along with the E/M? Is the EKG included in the code because there is actual numbers reported and the Chest Xray is not because it is just an impression? I don't know when you apply a separate code in the ER for EKG's or xrays or when they are included in the E/M visit code. Sorry but I just can't find a pattern. Any help would be great.