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Im lookin for a code for "stool in colon" . Documentation does not specify if impaction is involved or a definitive of constipation.

My thought would be abnormal feces. Trying to get other thoughts/suggestions!

Thanks! :rolleyes:
Good morning! This is just my opinion and please don't take offense but I'm not sure I would use abnormal feces. It says, 'bulky stools' which implies to me that I get to see it type of thing physically if you know what I mean... If the patient has some straining and isn't really getting it all out, maybe you could go with 787.99? Otherwise, maybe incomplete defecation-787.61? What all does the physicians note say? I might even look at the constipation codes- 564.01 too. It really on depends on how else it was documented though. Good luck with this one! :)
The impression says "suggesting" constipation. So I cant use constipation

787.61 could work, meaning the patient cant get it out..787.99 Im not too sure of ?

This is for outpatient and Ive run into this before, thought Id throw it out there.

I think Im going to go with 787.61, although it says in the ICD9 book "excludes constipation"

Hmmm a tough one!
Yea if it says 'suggesting' I wouldn't use it either. I think I looked at 787.99 as other symptom involving digestive system but I like 787.61 the best too. Lol! I'm laughing because I think incomplete defecation and constipation are pretty similar in my opinion, and yet, they exclude each other! Got to love choices ;)