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An IV injection has been given to the patient and it is documented as given by "university's name, Student, date and time, co-signed by nurse's name, RN, date and time." The university's name is documented. The student's name is not given - just states STUDENT. The nurses name is documented. Is the documentation within the guidelines for the facility to bill for the administration of the IV injection?
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According to the Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 12, Section 100 : “Student - An individual who participates in an accredited educational program (e.g., a medical school) that is not an approved GME program. A student is never considered to be an intern or a resident. Medicare does not pay for any service furnished by a student.”

If a student performs drug administration services (IV injection) the service is not reimbursable under Medicare, regardless of direct supervisor or which health care professional documents the service in the medical record. Medicare pays for the services of physicians and practitioners authorized by statute. Students do not meet the definition of practitioners.

You should query your facility's FI/MAC and Compliance department for additional guidance regarding student services.