Subclavian angioplasty during heart cath


Menomonie, Wisconsin
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Need help on how to code this. The following procedure was done with cpt 93455 - PERIPHERAL ANGIOPLASTY OF 50% PROXIMAL LEFT SUBCLAVIAN STENOSIS: INDICATION: Peripheral vascular disease impairing the ability to passage of catheters. DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: Through our 6-French sheath and over a Glidewire a 6 mm x 4 cm Powerflex balloon was advanced without major difficulty. There was some resistance to the passage of the balloon. The balloon was inflated up to 14 atmospheres. It was full expansion of the balloon. Indeed, there was a waste observed in the mid segment of the balloon that successfully expanded relieving stenosis in that region. The balloon was removed and views obtained showed patent angioplasty sites without staining to suggest any dissection. CONCLUSION: Successful angioplasty of the left subclavian performed to facilitate the passage of catheters. I think cpt 37246. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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