Wiki Subsequent Hosp Visits after C/S ONLY


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Are you able to submit subsequent hosptial visits and/or D/C after a Cesarean Section ONLY? (Vag only too) I believe I heard this at an ACOG seminar. Thank you!
The delivery only codes include admission to the hospital (including H&P), Inpatient care provided 24 hours prior to delivery and vaginal or cesarean delivery, including placenta. They do not include inpatient postpartum visits in the hospital or the discharge therefore, they are billable!
59515 or 59410 include postpartum

NOT my area of expertise ... but ...
Wouldn't you bill 59515 - Cesarean deliver only; including postpartum care
or 59410 - vaginal deliver only; including postpartum care
That WOULD include the subsequent hospital visit and Discharge

F Tessa Bartels, CPC