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I work in a Pulmonary Office and my doctors do a lot of Central lines(36556) with the U/S (76937) and sometimes bill the Swans Cath (93503) with these procedures. I am aware that the Central Line and Swans Cath are similar but should my doctors be charging both procedures. I was having trouble with them billing the 93503 with 76937 which can only be billed with Cardio procedures. Basically my question is, is it okay to be billing all three together or should they only charge the 36556 w/76937 when done and 93503 on its own when done. I appreciate your help in this confusing scenario. Have a great day!!

Samantha Brown,CPC:confused:
I am sad to see that you have not received more responses. I have that same scenario. The Sawn-Ganz definition states it is threaded through a central line. It only makes sense that you would have to bill 36556 and 93503, but it seems stange to bill two cath placement codes. There is no CCI edit or bundling issues that I have found.
I use the Coding Companion for some of these circumstances and 93503 gives a description of threading a cath through a central intravenous line used to take blood samples, pressure and other tests. It's not designated as an "add-on" but it is mod 51 exempt, so you should receive full reimbursement.

You are placing the central line in-order to insert the Swans, and as long as the Dr. is using it for different purposes than the central line, it should be billable, however the documentation should clearly support this.