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New Hartford, CT
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Patient presents for diagnositic right heart catheterization. A Swan-Ganz cath was advanced in a retrograde manner while monitoring pressures. Coronary angiography was performed using JR-JL-4 and angled pigtail catheter. There were no complications and minimal blood loss. Upon completion of the procedure, sheaths were removed and Angio-Seal was deployed.

This is what was billed:


I disagree with the billing of 93503 because the intent of a Swan Ganz cath is that it is left in in order to measure intra-cardiac pressures over a period of time. Any thoughts?
93456 for the coronary angiogram with right heart cath

93460 is for left and right heart cath and coronary angiogram.
Per ZHealth Publishing, there is no add'l reimbursement for leaving a cath in place for monitoring at the conclusion of a rt heart cath or for the introduction of a Swan-Ganz type cath at the time of a right heart cath.
The only code I'd use is 93456.