Wiki Systemic/ Diabetic Doctor Date last seen for 11720 and 11721


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Can anyone tell me if there is a timeframe for the patient to see a Podiatrist for 11055, 11056, 11720, 11720 or G0127, after seeing their physician that treats their diabetes or Systemic disease?

For example the patient See the diabetes Dr on 1/1/2017 and sees the podiatrist for 11721 with dx E11.42 on 1/15/2017. We use the 1/1/2017 DOS and Dr name and NPI in Box 19 of our claim. 6 months later the patient comes back for the same service 11721 with dx E11.42 can we use the same date last seen for the later visit? What if the patient has not seen their diabetes dr since the visit on 1/1? Just some questions that have come around. Any help is appreciated.
The patient needs to see doctor for the systemic disease within six months of the DOS for RFC. Our EHR prompts us if the date is over 6 months, and we are trying to use it.
Read your LCD, but I think this rule is across the board.