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I am looking for information for a CPT CODE for a Tack Device. I'm not even sure there is a CPT code for this.


1. Diagnostic aortogram with runoffs to both lower extremities.

2. Balloon angioplasty and stent graft placement in the left superficial and popliteal artery.

3. Tack placement in the tibioperoneal trunk and anterior tibial artery.


6 French crossover sheath was placed enabling us to take a vertebral catheter and straight Glidewire down the left superficial femoral and popliteal artery occlusion. We entered the anterior tibial artery above the level of the knee joint. We then balloon dilated with a 5 mm balloon down to the mid patella all the way back up to the origin but did not have antegrade flow through the superficial femoral artery so we used a 4 mm balloon to dilate into both the anterior tibial artery as well as the tibioperoneal trunk and this did reestablished brisk flow down the superficial and popliteal segment.

Because there was residual stenoses throughout the subintimal passage down the SFA popliteal segment we placed a 5 x 15 mm long Viabahn stent graft through the P2 segment of the popliteal artery and then a 5 x 25 mm Viabahn up to the origin of the SFA and postdilated with a 5 mm balloon.

To maximize outflow via the anterior tibial artery as well as the tibioperoneal trunk, we placed 3 tack devices; 1 in the TP trunk and 2 in the anterior tibial artery and this greatly improved flow.

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