Taking over billing for a SNF - how do I make sure I'm doing everything correctly?


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My co in process of taking over billing for a Skilled Nursing Facility. However, this will be the 1st SNF our company handles billing for & even though we did a lot of research into all the guidelines & etc all over the internet, including CMS, we are worried about our compliance :confused:. In addition, the SNF's previous biller took all her expertise with her so the SNF does not really know what to do either. If you can answer any of the following questions I would greatly appreciate it!

1.) What are the top mistakes made when billing for a SNF?

2.) What are some tips to ensure correct billing for a SNF?

3.) What are some important things to know about billing for a SNF other than entering info into the claim form & creating it for submission?

Thank you so much,