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Katy, TX
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Does anyone know if there is an ICD-9CM book that is published with updated inserts. I finished my coding program in 2003 and I remember using a Maroon colored book and we would update the coding changes every 10/1. Currenlty I am an instructor and the school only uses the yearly updated books for ICD-9CM. Does the old book even exist I checked on line but could not think of the authors name.

past coding books

I remember those as well. They were published by Channel Publishing. I do not
know if they make the inserts still but they do have coding books per their
web site.
I used them when I worked for a hospital many years ago, but since so may
have started using encoders, I do not know whether that is an option now.
Janice Carr, CPC
I use CHannel books and yes they have always had the updateable book recently only in the full hospital version but it works very well for physician use. However ICD-9 CM is no longer going to be updated the 2012 is the last revision. There are no changes for 2013.
Coding books 2013

i am getting emails also from AAPC about 2013 ICD 9 books. Is there
any reason we should get this? Will there be any new guidelines that
2013 will have that 2012 will not have. I do not want to buy the 2013 if not
necessary and will AAPC use the 2012 books in the testings for the year 2013.
Janice Carr, CPC
There is no update for new or revised codes for 2013. The guidelines are still the Oct 1 2011 guidelines however most codebooks for 2012 put the 2010 guidelines in the book. You can get the 2011 guidelines from the CDC website. If there are new guidelines for 2013 they will be available from the website around the middle of September, but if history repeats itself the only codebook that would have the updated guidelines will be the Channel book. The update file for new and revised codes historically hits the web site by the first of July and there is nothing for ICD-9 CM. The only new code for 2013 is a Vol 3 procedure code. No you do not have to purchase new code books this year. The AAPC test will be good with the exception of the guidelines but then only 2 things changed in the guidelines from 2010 to 2011, the section on complications and the section on glaucoma.
Thanks, I had asked the vendors and they could not give a clear answer.

Thanks everyone this really helps. Until ICD-10 is offical I am stuck teach ICD-9 knowing that there will not be additional changes in 2013 is helpful. I am not sure if it is worth ordering the Channel book when we may not teach ICD-9 after 2013? Any suggestions?