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Lumber Bridge, NC
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I work at a Teaching Family Medical Practice in North Carolina. Our resident sees a Medicare pt and performs/documents a level 4 est pt office visit (99214). But due to Medicare guidelines, we can not bill higher than a level 3 ov b/c the resident saw the pt. The preceptor (teaching MD) then sees the pt and adds the preceptor note to the residents document as follows:

Attending Note:

Precept Status: I examined the patient.

I have reviewed the patient's history and clinical findings documented by the resident. We have discussed the patient's history, assessment, management and follow-up plans. I agree with the note as written by the resident and concur with the assessment and plan. The care of this resident's patient is amended as follows: see note
Recommended Level of Visit: IV

Resident attended and attending note written by:
John Smith, MD July 23, 2012 4:06 PM

Is this all that the Teaching Physician needs to document in order for us to bill a level 4 ov (99214)?