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I have an anesthesiologist who is also a Critical Care doc. He is coding for a TEE, he wants to code 93312-26,XE; 93313; 93325;76376.

My question on this is can 93312 & 93313 be billed at the same time. Below is a copy of the procedure note.


A the patient was intubated sedated and mechanically ventilated.* The TEE probe was inserted into the esophagus with ease.* 2D and 3D imaging was performed and showed dilated left atrium, no spontaneous echo contrast or thrombus.* There was a bioprosthetic valve in the mitral position.* There was no perivalvular regurgitation.* The mean gradient across the bioprosthetic mitral valve was 5 millimeters of mercury.* The left ventricle was normal in size with moderate left ventricular hypertrophy and dyskinesis of the inferior septal walls within overall ejection fraction approximately 40 percent.* The bioprosthetic aortic valve was visualized with no perivalvular regurgitation. The peak gradient across the bioprosthetic aortic valve was 20 millimeters of mercury with a mean gradient of 50 millimeters of mercury.* The right atrium was dilated.* The atrial pacer lead was visualized in the right atrium, the right ventricular pacer lead was also visualized across the tricuspid valve.* The right ventricle was dilated with mild right ventricular dysfunction.* The atrial septum was intact. There was no aortic dissection.* There was no pericardial tamponade."

Thanks for the help