Question Telehealth billing for Occupational Therapy, Speech, Mental Health for non-medicare patients?

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Hello, I do the coding and billing for a small therapy clinic and we're trying to transition to telehealth during this pandemic.
I can't find much guidance from our commercial payers on how to bill except from Aetna, and the guidance is only on mental health therapy (bill 90837 with a place of service 02, modifier 95).

Is there any guidance - anywhere- on if/how speech and occupational therapy can be billed? The therapists are using 2 way video with audio to communicate.
The most common codes I use for regular therapy coding are:
97530- Occupational Therapy
92507- Speech Therapy
90837- Psychotherapy
97110- Physical Therapy

Thank you in advance!


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Hello, I too code and bill for a small therapy clinic, where we provide services for SLP, OT, and ABA therapy.Each payers has its own set of guidelines. If they have a website most of the ones I use have information regarding this matter. It also depends on the subscribers plan, when in doubt I call to have it confirmed, you may have to wait to speak to a representative but I have been very fortunate to speak with some really helpful and pleasant people. Webdenis is updating there website regularly and I have found a lot of information there. Hope I have been able to help. Stay safe and healthy.