Wiki Telehealth E/M Codes + Modifier Requirements

Ephrata, WA
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I am looking for coding scenarios/examples on which E/M codes to assign for telehealth visits at a provider based facility. (We are a CAH with a family medicine clinic, majority of telehealth is the family health clinic)

Based on what I'm reading in my CPT book, we should be using the 9944x code series. However, someone told me we should use 992xx codes series with the modifier 95/GT & HCPCS codes that the payer wants. There is also debate on having our providers use a short questionnaire before starting their telehealth session to determine POS 02, 10 or 12, OR, having a facility policy stating that if the patient does not state their location, default is POS 02. But no one is sure if that's an acceptable policy and might get us in trouble.

have tried researching this via keyword searches, various forums, etc. and I'm not finding clear nor consistent information that's up to date for some reason. A lot of articles and documents from 2012 to 2019, weirdly.

An example of a fairly standard telehealth visit for our family health clinic would be; (patient) (age) is on the phone today for f/u regarding ... time spent on call 30 minutes. Normally I'd assign 99443 for E/M and needed ICD-10 codes. Does this need a modifier 95/GT with HCPC Q3014 and/or T1014?