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We are a rural Critical Access hospital, and we provide telespsych services through a psychiatrist in nearby city. The only part we play in the patient's visit is to rent the space for the service and set up the monitor for the psychiatrist. Other than that, we do not have access to the patient's records, diagnosis or treatment.
Our business office manager has started registering these patients so that she can easily collect the facility fee. She wants me to code these (she told me the claim will not go through without this), and provided me with the patient's ICD-10 codes.

Needless to say, I feel very uncomfortable coding these. Not only would I be using codes given to me on a piece of paper without seeing the provider's documentation, but I feel it puts my certification at risk and violates patient privacy. If I am forced to code these, the only code I will consider is a generic administrative code.
Am I overreacting? Have any of you been faced with a situation like this?

Thanks for your feedback.