Temporary POS Due to Flooding


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Help! A physical therapy office I help with experienced massive flooding due to the storms in SoCal. They will be unable to use their office for at lest 3-4 weeks. In the interim, they want to take their patients, who are mostly post-op surgical, to an ASC (where many of the patient's were treated). The ASC has no problem with this and can provide the space, but we have no idea how to bill!

Does the physical therapy office need to add a new service location with the ASC address? Medicare typically takes months to process this, so will it retro back to the dates that services were provided?

I was hoping there would be a temporary/emergency type POS we could use and provide proof to insurance why the location had changed (have a memo go out with every claim) but can't find anything about this. We can't be the first provider to be disabled by "acts of God", so what do we do?

Thank you!