Tendon injections


Queens, NY
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Our physicians have been performing injections described in the procedure note as "deep and superficial to the tendon" and want to bill 20550- tendon sheath/ligament/aponeurosis injection.

Reading through their procedure notes there's no description of the injection being given at the tendon sheath or even at the origin/insertion site of the tendon.

When I queried the physician I was told the injection was done peri-tendinous. Can CPT 20550 be used for this? The Achilles tendon and patellar tendon were targeted and neither has a tendon sheath.

Any thoughts?
It's still 20550 in my opinion. They have paratenon around them. I didn't check for a CPT assistant or anything but there would be no other appropriate code. If the intent is treatment of tendonitis/pain.
Thank you! I looked through CPT assistant as well and wasn’t able to find anything relating to this. I will go with 20550 then.