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Hello everyone, could someone clarify this:

Component code = Indented code
Comprehensive code = Stand alone code


If the above comparison is correct, would you use “Component & Comprehensive” terminology in the Hospital/Facility atmosphere; “Indented & Stand alone” in the corporate/clinical setting?


Do coders use “Component & Comprehensive” terminology only with vol.3 procedural?
Comprehensive and component codes are used in the CCI edits. If two services are rendered during the same session and one of them is a component code per the CCI, then it cannot be separately billed unless it was performed on a different site or through a separate incision AND the modifier indicator = "1" which would permit unbundling with modifier "59".

These are concepts that apply to physician and facility billing.

You use the term "indented". You may also be referring to the CPT coding concept re: indented terminology which is explained inthe Introduction (page xv in the professional version) under "Format of the Terminology". Please review this section of the book for more information. This applies to physician and facility billing as well.