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hi - I work for an orthopedic and a patient came in he had some large lacerations on his fingers and hand and the doctor gave him a tetanus shot. I never bill this code, would I use cpt 90389 (tetanus immune gloubulin (tig) human, for intramuscular use, I am not familiar with this, or do I use the Vaccine code, toxid code 90714 or 90715 - I really am lost can someone help me, thank you. also do I need the administration code,
If the vaccine that was administered was a straight Tetanus (versus TD, TDaP, etc) then yes 90389 would be correct with the 90471 for the administration of the vaccine.

90389 is for Tetanus
90714 is for Tetanus and Diphtheria Combo
90715 is for Tetanus, Diphtheria toxoids and Pertussis Combo