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I received the following email. They are looking for someone in Texas. If you are qualified and interested, contact Judy Hendrickson. Her contact information is given in the email.

Ruth Hood, CPC
President, Dallas Central Texas Chapter AAPC
__________________________________________________ ______________

Dear Ruth Hood:

I had left a voice mail for you saying that we are looking for someone in Texas who might know about medical billing for durable medical equipment. The website names you as the president of the Dallas Central local chapter and I thought you might know someone in your chapter or elsewhere that would know about the billing for durable medical equipment.

We have been contacted by a lawyer from Washington, DC who is representing a doctor in Texas who has been accused of prescribing electric wheelchairs to people who didn't qualify. Thus, we need someone who knows about the coding and billing for durable medical equipment in the state of Texas. The attorney has asked for someone who knows this to perhaps act as an expert witness to review whether or not his client did or didn't follow the rules.

TASA is a company that has been in the business of referring experts of all kinds for attorneys and insurance companies throughout the USA and Canada for over 50 years. We are looking for someone who is qualified to do this and that has the proper credentials. We are not asking for someone to rubber stamp the attorney's ideas, but to look at the situation with a professional eye and give their opinion. TASA does not charge a solicited expert a fee to be listed with us. Of course, the person chosen by the attorney would bill for his or her work.

Perhaps you have the right background for this yourself. If so please give me a call or just call me so that I can tell you more about the matter so you could refer me to the right person. My number is below. Please remember that I am on Eastern time so it is an hour's difference. I would be available to speak with you between 8 am – noon; 1:15 pm – 3:45 pm Texas time. I will not be in Wednesday afternoon, January 7. Otherwise I should be here Monday through Friday at the times given above.

Thanks for your help on this matter.

Judy Hendrickson
Expert Resources Manager
The TASA Group, Inc.
1166 De Kalb Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422
1-800-329-8272 (fax)