Thinking about a change.... Any Dallas/Texas Coder out there??


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So I am a CPC and CPMA certified coder in Los Angeles, CA working for a large non-profit Hospital in Orange County doing coding and auditing. I have about 7 almost 8 years of out-patient coding experience and 2 years of out-patient physician auditing experience. The cost living in Los Angeles is incredibly high and although I do make a decent living, it’s really not enough to afford much here or in Orange County. I have been feeling lately like I may want to move to the Dallas area in the next year or so because I’ve done some research and have found that there is a high demand for coders in the area (or so I have read). But I was wondering what the average wage is for someone with my qualifications/ years of experience is and if there truly is that large of a demand for medical coders. I’d really love to get some feedback from any current coders in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on what the situation really is like and if the salary is fair for the cost of living. Any feedback on this topic is welcome!