1. M

    Wiki Experienced Professional Seeking Part-Time Opportunity for CPC-A

    Hello, I am currently in the process of obtaining my CPC certification through AAPC. I have 10 years of professional experience in multiple healthcare settings and therapeutic areas in Clinical Research, with extensive experience working with medical records, data management and regulatory...
  2. M

    Wiki CPC-A seeking first job

    Hello! I completed my CPC course in JULY 2020 and I am actively looking for employment! I am located in the St. Louis Missouri area and can also work remotely! Thank you!
  3. P

    Wiki Certified Coder/Compliance/QA professional looking for remote position

    Professional with years of experience in healthcare compliance, QA, coding and business analytic skills seeking remote position. Experienced in EHR, development of EHR BR, Microsoft office and Teams. Years of experience in working remote while maintaining professionalism and offering value added...
  4. M

    Wiki Experienced Biller and Coder looking for Coding/Billing Opportunities

    Magdalene M. Dorsey 616 Gold Sand Road, Louisburg, NC 27549 Home: (919) 853-9000 – Cell: (919) 441-0408 - Education Associate of Applied Science Vance Granville Community College Area of study: Medical Coding Cumulative GPA: 3.773 Graduated: May 2014 High...
  5. S

    Wiki Experienced CPC-A looking for FT remote position or on-site position in North Florida

    Hello! My name is Kristen Suggs. I am a certified medical coder with a CPC-A with current coding experience. I am looking to relocate to North Florida and therefore would need to leave my current Coder I position. I would prefer to work remotely, but would definitely consider on-site positions...
  6. K

    Wiki Physician and Coders

    Our practice currently has 4 Physicians, 2 Nurse Practioners, 1 Physician Assistant, and 2 more surgeons have joined our practice with one starting in August and the other starting in October. Our totals will then be 6 surgeons, 2 NP, and 1 PA. I have 1 certified coder who does all of our...
  7. ily620

    Wiki CPC w/ Coding, Billing, and Revenue Cycle Exp.

    Hello, I am CPC certified with 15+ years of medical coding, billing, and revenue cycle management experience. I am looking for a remote coding and/or billing opportunity that can be either part time or full time. I have attached my resume for reference of my skill set. Thank you in advance...
  8. D

    Wiki Thinking about a change.... Any Dallas/Texas Coder out there??

    So I am a CPC and CPMA certified coder in Los Angeles, CA working for a large non-profit Hospital in Orange County doing coding and auditing. I have about 7 almost 8 years of out-patient coding experience and 2 years of out-patient physician auditing experience. The cost living in Los Angeles...
  9. J

    Wiki URGENT: Neurosurgery Coder Needed

    In urgent need of IP/OP remote multi-specialty pro-fee coder that is an expert in NEUROSURGERY and E/M coding. DOMESTIC coders only. Please see details of project and how to log your experience HERE:
  10. C

    Wiki 25 Modifier ONLY to be appended by certified coder?

    Hello! I am a CPC for the department OBGYN for a large medical group. just spoke with a member of management from the central billing office at my place of work, and they requested that I advise our billers that they may not append the modifier 25 to any office visit if they are not coders. I...
  11. C

    Wiki Cpc-a iso remote medical coding position

    COURTNEY GAINEY CPC-A 678-654-7644
  12. M

    Wiki Well-rounded CPC-A looking for remote or on-site work. NJ.

    Dear Hiring Manager, I would like to reach out and introduce myself. I am confident that I am exactly what any company is looking for. Every company does things their own way and I am ready to learn YOUR COMPANY'S way! I earned my CPC accreditation through AAPC on 10/28/17, immediately after...
  13. M

    Wiki Do you use AAPC Coder? I would love to learn more about your experience!

    Hello! My name is Mike and I started working at AAPC in November. Being new to the world of medical coding, I am doing my best to learn all about the great AAPC member community and about your experiences with AAPC products/services. Do you use AAPC Coder? Would you kindly spend 10 minutes...
  14. J

    Wiki Emergency department coding

    Having difficulty finding experienced Emergency Department coders with their certification, (CPC or CCS-P) who are familiar with all aspects; i.e. technical/professional E/M, procedural and drug administrations (infusion/hydration). If anyone has a solution, please share!
  15. L

    Wiki CPC-A seeking entry-level coding position in the Denver metro area.

    I have been working in healthcare for 22 years. I passed my CPC exam on 4/22 with a score of 90%. I am seeking an entry-level position in the Denver area. My resume is attached. Any guidance or job leads will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Laura.
  16. L

    Wiki Certified Professional Coder, Certified Coding Specialist, Certified Coding Associate

    Here is a quick summary of my qualifications. My full resume is attached as a PDF, including my contact information. I am looking for an entry level position as a medical coder. My email is Certified Coding Specialist — AHIMA [Nov. 2016] Certified Coding Associate —...
  17. C

    Wiki Coders Needed! Remote or in NJ Office

    We are looking for E/M and Oncology coders. Position: Onsite Full Time Permanent or Contract Medical Coder Location: Remote or In Jersey City Office CPC or equivalent. Minimum Experience: 2+ Years Multi-Specialty, EM, Wound Care Experience a plus. Please send your resume to...
  18. C

    Wiki Pulmonology Coders Needed- Remote Full Time

    We are looking for pulmonology coders. Position: Onsite Full Time Permanent or Contract Medical Coder Location: Remote or In Jersey City Office CPC or equivalent. Minimum Experience: 2+ Years Specialty: Pulmonology Please send your resume to and This...
  19. T

    Wiki COC Looking for Remote Part-Time Medical Coder ED, SST, OB/NB Hospital Coding

    I am currently a full time medical coder for a large hospital. I work at home and I am looking for additional work as a part time remote coder. I am a COC and have 3 years experience working in ED, OB/NB, Ambulatory Same Day Surgery and more. Please email at if I may be in...
  20. D

    Wiki Looking for a Remote Part Time coding position. i am located in Illinois...

    I am looking for a part time coding position. I am located in Illinois. Can anyone help? Marcy M.
  21. LoriCox

    Wiki Experienced Remote Cardiology Coder Needed

    Medkoder is looking for an experienced cardiology certified professional coder with extensive knowledge of diagnostic cardiology coding and E/M. This is a FT Remote permanent position that offers the opportunity to work a flexible schedule. Qualifications: Education/Cert: A minimum of a...
  22. H

    Wiki CPC-A Seeking Remote or Nearby entry Level Coding Position - Palatine, IL

    Motivated, personable, punctual, honest, detail oriented and an excellent team player. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and non-professionals at all levels. Flexible and versatile – able to remain calm and helpful under pressure. Excellent problem solver. My resume is attached. Kindly...
  23. V

    Wiki Coding Manager Opportunity in Wichita Fall, TX-ONSITE

    No longer available...
  24. T

    Wiki COSC Needed for Physician Office Orthopedic Coding

    Immediate, experienced COSC needed to perform orthopedic audits of office and surgical procedures as well as E&M visits for busy ortho practice. Must have current in depth knowledge of orthopedic surgical coding and compliance rules for billing. Knowledge of physical therapy and x-ray coding a...
  25. M

    Wiki Remote Coder Available Immediately - Outpatient, Professional, ASC

    Michelle Castro CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CODER/BILLING MANAGER OBJECTIVE Seeking a position in which I can utilize my highly skilled, knowledgeable, and proficient medical billing experience. This experience includes extensive, specialized knowledge in management, medical...
  26. I

    Wiki Abstract Coding-Coder's liability

    Hello This is my first time posting. Can anyone guide me to where I can find information as to Texas laws that a coder cannot change a dx code on a claim if the provider did not give the appropriate one? From my understanding a coder abstracts from the operative report, enters charges, and is...
  27. C

    Wiki Coders Needed! Remote - We are looking for E/M

    We are looking for E/M, Cardiology and multi-specialty coders. There are 4 positions currently open. Position: Onsite Full Time Permanent or Contract Medical Coder Location: Remote or In Jersey City Office CPC or equivalent. CPC-A’s are also welcome to submit their resumes for consideration...
  28. R

    Wiki In need of advice

    Hi, I am a fairly new certified coder and am feeling very discouraged. I currently code for a family practice but it is downsizing and I am having to look for another job. The more I look the more I realize how little I know. I paid a lot of money for my coding course, and when I got my job, I...
  29. S

    Wiki Looking for a Certified Coder, Aliso Viejo, CA

    Posted Position Title Specialist- Medical Billing - Coder About Us What do you envision for your future? At GE Healthcare, we strive to see life more clearly. Our "healthymagination" vision for the future invites the world to join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovations focused...
  30. P

    Wiki Seeking Coder Employment for CPC-A coder in the Northcentral Arkansas Area

    Willing to work for less money for employment. Will accept constructive criticism. Will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Phillip Southern 1102...
  31. K

    Wiki coder liability

    can a coder be held liable for using an incorrect cpt code, my doc wants to always code 32557 even when the catheter is not left in place. I have provided him with education and he insists that he wants 32557 always coded. I am concerned that if there is an audit could I also be held...
  32. K

    Wiki Your first job after graduation?

    I'm a recent graduate and I would like to hear about your first job on your path to working as a medical coder? Do you recommend getting into a good company in any position?
  33. M

    Wiki Pro fee coder?

    What is that? I just heard this term during a phone interview and it's not one I've heard before. Any one know?
  34. K

    Wiki Remote Coder Needed for Pain Management

    Opening for a Full Time Remote Coder for a busy Pain Management Practice. Must be Certified Professional Coder and ICD-10 Proficient. Pain Management Experience is a Plus as well as Experience with Clinix EMR. If interested, email your resume to
  35. V

    Wiki CPC, CPMA - Looking for a remote medical coding/auditing position.

    Valerie Bates-Hoff, CPC, CPMA Certified Professional Medical Coder/Auditor Looking for a remote medical coding/auditing position. Summary CPC Certified Professional Coder, CPMA Certified Professional Medical Auditor (AAPC) I am an experienced abstract medical coder ICD-10 proficient...
  36. M

    Wiki Looking for Coders

    If you are a coder looking for a position, please send your resume to
  37. S

    Wiki AAPC Coder Search

    Does AAPC coder search tell what services are included in each CPT code, in more detail than the codebook?
  38. D

    Wiki New CPC-A coder, ICD-10 Proficient looking for a position around Arlington, TX

    I'm a new CPC-A coder, ICD-10 proficient and I also have a Medical Secretary Associates degree from NDSCS. I have 5 years experience working in the Emergency Department as a Unit Secretary. Please contact me for my resume or other information. Tracey Henderson
  39. S

    Wiki New CPC-A coder, ICD-10 Proficient looking for a position around Gilbertsville, PA

    I'm a new CPC-A coder, ICD-10 proficient and I also graduated from Medical Office Assistant Program, Montgomery County Community College (Suma Cum Laude) Please contact me for my resume or other information. Silvia Shambo
  40. K

    Wiki Practicode - newer coder

    Did you find it helpful? I'm a newer coder and needing some more training, and have heard that this may help. Just wanted some opinions of others. Thank you!
  41. C

    Wiki Pediatric Cardiac Coder

    Good Morning, I always struggle with pediatric cardiac coding. Is there another pediatric cardiac coder on this forum that I can bounce questions off of?
  42. Q

    Wiki Experienced Coder for Addison, TX Location - AHIMA certification

    We are looking for an experienced Medical Coder or our Addison, TX location. It is preferred that you have your CPC or AHIMA certification. If you are interested, please email your resume to
  43. Q

    Wiki Experienced Coder for Addison, TX Location

    Hello, We are looking for an experienced Medical Coder or our Addison, TX location. It is preferred that you have your CPC or AHIMA certification. If you are interested, please email your resume to
  44. C

    Wiki Insurance

    Has anyone purchased insurance when working as a contract remote coder? Is it necessary?
  45. L

    Wiki Why no specialty?

    I have my exam on Saturday to become certified as a CPC coder. I think I will probably continue with my studies and become licensed as a COC and/or CIC coder so that I have options. I really like the idea of also becoming a specialty coder, but I didn't see "Behavioral Health" listed. I was a...
  46. A

    Wiki Inpatient Coder II Salary Range

    Good Afternoon, I am doing some research on coder salaries and was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing salary ranges for an Inpatient Coder II position. This would be someone who codes BOTH inpatient and outpatient accounts in a facility setting. Thank you!
  47. C

    Wiki Independent Contract Remote Coder

    Hello…was wondering if anyone has done work as an Independent Contract Remote coder who is paid per chart and on a 1099 basis??? I work FT but was looking into this for PT work…I know i wold have to pay my own taxes but would I need any type of license to practice as an independent??? Business...
  48. C

    Wiki Remote Coding Positions (CPC, CCS, or RHIT)

    I am assisting one of my friends in recruiting efforts for a few remote contract positions. I worked as a remote coder for the company. Please read the job descriptions below. If you are interested in any of the positions please forward your resume to and I will...
  49. B

    Wiki CPC looking for remote coder position

    I have 3 years experience in OB/GYN coding and I am currently looking for a remote coder position. If anybody has any leads let me know. Thank you, Britni
  50. 1

    Wiki Cerified coder position in New Jersey

    Hello Everyone, My current employer Sovereign medical services located at Glen Rock , NJ looking for a certified outpatient medical coder. You can apply on It is a very good company with great benefits to work for! Thank you, Preya, COC