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Right thoracotomy to provide exposure for neurosurgical disk decompression and fusion with rib.

The patient is undergoing a neurosurgical diskectomy with fusion.l The patient requires exposure fo the vertebrae through the thoracotomoy approach. Request is made by the neurosurgeons to provide exposure. After adequate anesthesia was obtained the patient was placed in the left lateral decubitus position. Using radiologic guidance the appropriate disk space and area required to exposure was marked on the skin by the neurosurgeon to aid in the appropriate exposure. Following this the area was prepped with chlorhexidine and draped in the normal fashion. Posterolateral thoracotomy incision was then make with the knife. The subcutaneous tissue was dissected down to the latissimus which was divided. The serratus was preserved. Athe ribs were counted and dissection was carried out overlying the 6th rib. The peristeoum was elevated off of this and a portion of the 6th rib resected. The lung was allowed to desufflate on the right and the pleural space entered. The lung was retracted medially. The chest was opened with rib retractors and vertebrae identified. Using a spinal needle to mark the disk space and fluoroscopy guidance, the appropriate disk space was identified. We then incised the pleura over thi area and the vertebral bodies above and below the disk space were exposed.

Following this Drs. completed their portion of the procedure with decompressionm and fusion utilizing portions of the rib that were resecte4d. With their portion of the case complete, I was once again called into the room to provide closure. The pleura and itnercostal muscles were closed with a running 2-0 Vicryl suture. The latissimus was closed with a running 0 Vicryl. A 24-french chest tube had been placed through a separate stab incision prior to this. Scarpa's fascia was closed with a running 2-0 suturel, Skin was closed with skin staples. At the time of chest tube placement, we did also place an On-Q med pain pump to provide postoperative analgesia. Occlusive dressing was applied., The patient tolerated the procedure well There were no complications and he was transferred to the recovery room.

Is 32100 the only code the general surgeon can charge for or is there a better CPT code. Two neurosurgeons did the diskectomy so they will get the co-surgery charges. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I'd suggest -62. (22556-62? Consult other Dr for code they are submitting) See guidelines before CPT 22548 for clarification. Only one of the neurosurgeons can be a primary (-62) the other will be the assistant (-80). The reason being, they are the same specialty and doing the same portion of the procedure. Your Dr is doing a definitive portion of the procedure( approach and closure) which means your Dr gets the other -62.

Don't let the other office tell you differently. ;o)