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Does anyone have any insight on billing CPT 35355 when NO abdominal incision is done. My providers perform this procedure exactly how it is described in the Coding Companion with the exception of the abdominal incision.

If you have any references please share.
If there was no incision, then you cannot bill 35355.

Without the note, it is hard to properly direct you. You may want to look at codes 37184-37186 OR 37220-37227 as those are most likely the codes you are looking for.

Hope that helps!
The code book itself does not state that it has to be an incision through abdomen. The term -Ectomy just means it was excised. Usually these are performed through the groin. As long as the physician made an incision into the body and documents the location you can bill this code if the actually excision of "thromboendarectomy" was performed in the location of the "iliofemoral".

"provider makes an incision in the skin of the pelvis and groin to access the iliofemoral artery. " this is from the AAPC CODER resource.