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Does anyone have a good resource on the definition of coordination of care, when it comes to time based billing?

My second question is, we are a teaching facility and one of the teaching physician's is asking if he can include a discussion with the resident in the coordination of care time?

However, I do not feel it is appropiate, because part of his role is to discuss care with the resident as a Teaching physician, because they are both caring for that patient, since the resident is involved and we are reporting the GC modifier.

Our facility is located in MN and our legacy is WPS for Part B. Any good resources would appreciated or if you know of articles printed by AAPC let me know and I will find them in the Archive. Thank you. :eek:
Coordination of care does not include discussions with residents under the physician's supervision. It also does not include discussions with nurses.

It does include discussions held with providers from other practices to coordinate treatment and with hospice or rehab regarding placement.
Thank you for replying but do you happen to have a resource for this, because as you probably know when speaking to physicians they want to see it in black and white and in the CPT book it says ..and commincates with other professinals... which they argue is residents. :)