To all APV military coders out there-are you having problems with your contract?

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I would like to ask any and all military coders if they are having to obtain extra credentials to maintain their current pay. This contract company we just got in January blew both me and my co-worker out of the water when they came back to us after 3 months and told us we were hired under the "wrong" rate of pay. That we need to obtain not one but 2 credentials to keep our pay from the original offer letter we signed. Can they actually do this? Isn't our original offer letter we signed a legal and concrete document? They said it's DHA's requirement and we were hired under the professional hourly wage but DHA only considers us at the developmental wage because of not having these credentials. Um, I've worked inn the industry for over 20 years and now they are demanding this? My pay was cut by 20% until I get my COC or CCS.

The company won't help us pay for this and the program is expensive. Also, have anyone of you heard of the CEMA credential? AAPC doesn't support this, but DHA demanded we get it. In order to keep this credential, we now have to start a membership through NAMAS. What is going on?