To Pay Or Not To Pay

Fort Mohave, AZ
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Can someone tell me whether it is mandatory that one provider must pay another provider the fee for request for copies of a Medical File since the patient is mutually seen by both?

Patiently awaiting someone's expertise on this dilemma......:confused:
I have never heard of a doctor charging another doctor for medical records. I do not think that is good business. Just my opinion.
hmm..well if they both see the patient, wouldn't they both have access to the chart? so why would they need copies of anything? OR, are they at different factilities? in which case, I would assume there would be a charge for copying the records. I would also assume that that is handled by the facility's HIM/records department with appropriate forms signed for release of info, etc... charges accordingly - but, not a payment to another physcian...? I've never heard of that. I'm curious as to why the one physcian feels "they" deserve payment for copies of the PATIENTS chart? that's odd...
but that's my opinion :)
We don't charge if a doctors office if they request the records. I have never heard of anyone doing that.
I've never heard of a provider charging another provider for release of records. Doesn't the patient sign a release of records indicating that its okay to share information with applicable providers and payers? There is nothing in that release that mentions associated fees? Right?
Do you think, Donna, that the provider charging the fee has something to hide? Perhaps there's inappropriate documentation in the chart or something less benign?
no... just curious as to why that provider wants money for copies of the notes from a chart of a patient. The chart doesn't belong to the physician. In fact, usually physicians aren't even involved with copying files. That's all handled via the HIM/Records Department. At least anytime I've ever needed copies whether personal or for professional use. Records Dept handled copying, getting releases signed, faxing, and charging IF there was a fee involved for copies. From personal experience, copies of my personal medical chart were free - I simply needed to sign a release to myself, give them time to get the copies made and I had them.
it's just odd is all... why that physician feels entitled to payment for copies of a medical chart.:rolleyes:
I just see it as a doctor trying to make extra money. Unfortunately there are a lot of doctors out there who barely make it and charge for every little thing they can just to make ends meet. (Of course there are others who are doing very well financially and charge for every little thing too. ) It doesnt make it right and I am not assuming this doctor is in a bad financial situation but it could be what is going on here.
That's crazy but I think I'd just ask the patient to get the records and mail/deliver them to the provider who needs them. The doctor surely won't charge the patient for them. And I'd tell the patient why you need them to do it - she may want to find a provider that's a little more willing to share information in an effort to provide the best medical care.